Thanks Dad

We had an amazing Father’s Day picnic yesterday at your park with everything from badminton to kickball to whiffle ball to Pica’s pizza. Our family is growing. You would be proud. Really proud. I sure am and the older I get the more I realize that there aren’t too many differences between you and I. I hope you got a few of the messages I was sending you yesterday. In case you missed them …

Thanks ….

For  teaching me both strength and compassion

For showing me what family first means

For setting a quiet example when you didn’t even know you were

For always believing in me & everything I did

For catches on the front lawn

For coming to every game I ever played

For giving me enough rope to figure it out for myself

For always being there when I didn’t quite figure it out right

For showing me how to take time to just “be”

For long wondering walks around the old neighborhood

For building that backstop and those benches and silkscreen all those shirts as you and the other dads built the old Ardmore baseball league with sweat, blisters, and passion

For showing me how to be a Phillies and Eagles fan

For a  perfect childhood which paved the way for a continued charmed and blessed life

Thanks for you, Dad

I love you

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