Dance with Me

steve and mgQuick update for those keeping score at home. Today is day 13 on my new daily chemo ibrutinib and I continue to see amazing results with virtually no side effects. I also had my 2 week oncolodoc check in today and he was equally pleased. My blood work is responding exactly as it’s supposed to. (Elevated initially but will normalize). For all intents and purposes my responses are text book perfect. If this is my new normal I couldn’t be happier. The truth is, for 12 years, I may not have known what true normal was. I’ve known what “better” is.

But since my diagnosis, even in remission, there has always been some trace disease within me. If I continue on this path, it gives me new nope for a true new “normal”. A healthier normal. As my doc continued to talk through my status and expected next steps, I interrupted him and asked him to dance with me. He said he would but he still owes me that one. I have a lot of respect for that man and the oncology team that has looked after me and cared for me for 12 years. Of course MG and I did our traditional happy dance in the parking lot.

I don’t need to check in again for two whole months. That’s huge. For now, it’s full speed ahead with my blessed life. A few things to remember; Trust God. Trust science. Be where your feet are. Understand the power of choice. And Don’t forget the chocolate.

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