NYC 26.2


Here’s the story…

When I registered for the 2019 NYC Marathon many many months ago, life’s priorities were in a much different place. I initially saw an opportunity to race my 27th marathon while raising funds for Autism Speaks in honor of our recently diagnosed grandson Reed.

Many of you are aware that life then dealt us a challenging hand which has taken a good amount of our time, energy, and resources to play through. (And we will play through it.)

For all the right reasons I’ve flip flopped on whether I should do this race a hundred times. And I thought I was close to bailing and deferring.

But as Mary Grace and I were sitting on the porch and chatting about …. everything this evening… I brought the race up. I told her that I was in crap shape and didn’t think racing was a good idea. But the more we talked, the more I was reminded how fortunate I am to still be able to do this after so many decades of racing. I was reminded that I have an opportunity to toe the line yet again at one of the best races in the world. This time running with my son in law in honor of my grandson and in support of the amazing work that Autism Speaks is doing.

I told MG it wouldn’t be a pretty effort. Hell it might not even be an athletic effort. But it could potentially be a very spiritual, albeit humbling 26.2 mile journey.

MG locked eyes with me and asked one question …

“Can you get it done?”

I then realized that I need this race on many levels. MG needs this race. We need this race.

So, I’m committed. I’ll do the 5 borough shuffle again for the 7th (8th?) time. I’ll race for my grandson Reed and the many Reeds of the world. I’ll race for MG’s continued recovery. And I’ll race to celebrate my own continued leukemia remission.

If you’d like to help, please visit this link.

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