Thanks Peloton & Megan

A friend of our daughters submitted our story to Peloton for their Comeback promotion and as good fortune would have it, we won a Peloton bike with all the trimmings!! How very generous of Peloton and how very thoughtful of the friend who was so moved by our story that she took the time to submit it for consideration. Further proof that there are kind and generous people in this world. We are very excited to join the Peloton family! While I never saw the actual submission, this is what Peloton Comeback has on their website:

Preventative Brain Surgery Takes An Unexpected Turn, Family Bonds Together For The Fight

After her brother suffered a sudden brain aneurysm rupture, Mary Grace decided to have a proactive brain scan to check for the hereditary condition. The scan found six aneurysms in her brain and her doctors recommended Mary Grace should undergo preventative surgeries.

Her first procedure was an open brain surgery, which successfully repaired four of the aneurysms on the right side of her brain. After a tough recovery, and six months later, Mary Grace underwent second, minimally invasive, procedure to repair the two smaller aneurysms on the left side of her brain.

On the day of the second surgery, the procedure went as planned, but shortly after Mary Grace was wheeled into recovery, she began having an adverse reaction. After extensive investigation, her surgeon assessed this to be an allergic reaction to the nickel in the pipeline placed in her brain, and after further research, found only three other patients in the world have had this reaction (it has a less than a 1% chance of occurrence). The allergic reaction caused what is hoped to be temporary blindness in Mary Grace’s right eye, and caused Mary Grace to have a stroke, temporarily losing mobility of the entire right side of her body. What started as a minimally invasive procedure is now a long road to recovery.

Mary Grace is no stranger to strength in hard times. She has been beside her husband of 30+ years, Steve, throughout his 13-year battle of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. Now it is his turn to be at her side on her path to recovery. Having a Peloton bike in their house would greatly help Mary Grace in her recovery. It would also provide Steve with an outlet of release while remaining in the house (he has participated in more than 12 iron man triathlons).

I couldn’t think of a more deserving family to receive this gift from Peloton. They are the epitome of how a family bonds together in hard times, and one that celebrates the good times too, they understand the precious gift of life!

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