A Little Bundle of BIG Courage

One look into the eyes of this child and you will be swept away. Read her story and you will be amazed that such strength and courage can come in such a small package. My good friends Tim and Midge Kerr will be dedicating their Splash N’ Dash event this weekend in Avalon to the Love family. I will have an opportunity to meet Taylor and her family on Saturday and am looking forward to witnessing first hand the contagious spirit that defines Taylor Love. I will have plenty more to share next week, but wanted to give you a glimpse …

A message from the parents of Taylor Love …

Taylor’s Story

Taylor Nicole Love was born June 27th, 2005 a beautiful, blue-eyed, blonde-haired baby girl. Her sparkling blue eyes told us she would be a charming, joyful sister to her brothers Adam and Kyle. As she sang and danced in anticipation of Christmas 2006, we noticed a bruised and apparent lazy eye. First a visit to her pediatrician followed by a trip to an ophthalmologist led us to our eventual nightmare. On December 12, 2006 our 18 month old baby girl was hospitalized and diagnosed with stage IV, high risk neuroblastoma a deadly cancer with no known cure. She had a tumor on her left adrenal gland, a tumor behind each eye and disease in her bone marrow. We would now learn what a horrible, aggressive and relentless disease this is.

Since her diagnosis Taylor has endured countless procedures, biopsies, blood transfusions and stays in the hospital. She has undergone 7 rounds of high dose chemotherapy, a surgery to remove the tumor in her abdomen and a stem cell harvest. She has completed 4 rounds of a phase I clinical trial which included immunotherapy treatment and IV radiation. She had undergone radiation treatments to her head, orbits and abdomen and is currently undergoing treatment in a phase II antibody trial at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC.

Even as these treatments beat down her body, Taylor amazes us with her strength, courage, and contagious spirit. We continue to be inspired by our sweet little angel, with her sparkling blue eyes and cheerful smile. Watching Taylor play with her brothers and listening to her sing gives us the hope and strength we need to walk down this long uncertain road.

To learn more about Taylor and neuroblastoma, including ways you can help, please visit www.taylorlove.org
For more on this weekends Splash N’ Dash, please visit www.timkerrcharities.org

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