Relentless Mettle – My Cancer, My Rules

My latest book, Relentless Mettle – My Cancer, My Rules is available for purchase via all major retail distribution channels and networks.

Including the following:

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Paperback is also available at major retail channels such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I didn’t write another book because I have this insatiable desire to be an author. I wrote this book for a couple of very simple reasons. For starters, writing has always been very therapeutic for me. This exercise was no different. More importantly, I wanted to tell my story in a way that would give other patients hope, and perhaps remove some of the fear and uncertainty associated with a cancer diagnosis. If one person reads my book and it eases their mind and makes their journey into the unknown a little better, I’ve accomplished my goal. 20% of all sales royalties will be donated to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Here is your excerpt of the day:

“Diagnosis is scary. Disease is scary. Treatments are scary. And our own mortality is the scariest of all. But there truly is safety in numbers. There are a number of excellent patient resource groups and services that are available and I encourage you to ask your doctor for a good listing of resources and educational materials. Visit only recommended and approved websites, and please, under no circumstances, should you take off on a wild Google search mission to try to become an expert on your disease. I made that mistake.”

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