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Read Boston Race Day Tips Courtesy of VeloPress

The best way to have a good day at Boston is to stick to your training plan. Don’t do anything new! Instead, approach the marathon in the same way that you handled each training run. Of course, you may be nervous and excited, and that adrenaline may carry you to the finish line in record time. But don’t let your emotions get the best of you, and don’t let any doubts about your readiness lead you into rash, last-minute decisions. If you’ve trained and prepared well, then you’ve done everything right to get ready for this special day. Enjoy yourself, and keep the following guidelines in mind.
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Natural Running Explains How to Run the Barefoot Way – While Wearing Shoes

Natural Running is the middle ground runners have been looking for, explaining how runners can enjoy running as nature intended while protecting themselves from unnatural surfaces. By learning to run the barefoot way - but with shoes - runners will become more efficient, stronger, and healthier runners. Backed by studies at MIT and Harvard, running form and injury expert Danny Abshire presents the natural running technique, form drills, and an 8-week transition plan that will put runners on the path to faster, more efficient, and healthier running. Natural Running is now available in bookstores, running and triathlon shops, and online. A preview of the book is available at velopress.com/running.
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Triathlons for Women Can Help Any Woman Become a Triathlete

Triathlon legend Sally Edwards has published a newly updated edition of the best-selling women's triathlon training book, Triathlons for Women. For over 20 years, Sally Edwards has cheered, prodded, and even pushed hundreds of thousands of women across the finish line of their first triathlon. This newest edition of Triathlons for Women can help any woman rise to the challenge of beginning a healthier, more active lifestyle.
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The Athlete’s Plate

Real Food for High Performance - A great new book by Adam Kelinson. Living the active lifestyle doesn't always leave time to shop for and prepare great meals. But for fuel-starved endurance athletes, there is no substitute for real food.
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